The California Oil Museum Endowment Fund was established in 1999 in order to develop a permanent source of funding for the Museum. Gifts to the Oil Museum Endowment are never spent; only the investment income from the principal is used to support the Museum. Gifts may be in the form of cash, stock, real property, bequests, or planned giving. Donors may make a tax-deductible gift in a single payment or may make a pledge in the form of annual payments over a five-period period. All gifts are cumulative so that donors may move up to higher levels of recognition. To make an Endowment Gift, please call the Museum Director at 805-933-0076 Ext. 3 or email us at Thank you for your support!



The goal of the Museum’s fundraising program is to raise $6 million for the California Oil Museum Endowment to support the core operations of the Museum. The Endowment is now at $500,000 in permanent gifts from Museum Donors.


To make a donation please contact:

Museum Director

805-933-0076 Ext. 3

Black Gold Gifts ($50,000+)


The Museum has two buildings and two rooms that remain to be named by Black Gold Donors, as follows:


Naming Opportunity         Amount            Availability

Main Museum Building                 $250,000                        OPEN

Rig Building                                     $200,000                        OPEN

Main Hall                                          $150,000                 W. M. Keck, Sr. Hall Park                                           $100,00              H. J. Lundgren Park

Large Exhibit Gallery                      $75,000                          OPEN         

Mid-size Exhibit Gallery                 $50,000                          OPEN


Each area is permanently named with a name panel, dedication plaque, portrait, and personal history. Donors may name an area to honor a family member(s), company, or a group. The Black Gold Campaign will raise $825,000 for the Endowment by naming these Museum areas. Two of the six Museum areas have been named by Black Gold Donors – H. J. Lundgren Park and the W. M. Keck, Sr. Hall. Black Gold Donors are recognized with a permanent inscription on the Legacy Wall of the Museum and are accorded lifetime Museum Membership.


Patron Gifts ($25,000 - $50,000)


The Museum’s historic second-story 1890 Rooms are named for Patron Gifts to the Endowment. A name panel, portrait photo, and personal history are placed in each Room according to the wishes of the Donor. The Rooms currently named are the W. W. Orcutt Room and H. H. Rushing Office. Five additional Rooms will be named $25,000 Patron Donors. Two special second-story Rooms - the Boardroom and the Museum Library - will be named for $35,000 Patron Gifts. When completed, the Patron Campaign will raise $265,000 for the Museum Endowment. Patron Gifts are recognized with a permanent inscription on the Legacy Wall of the Museum and are accorded lifetime Museum Membership.

501(c)(3) non-profit organization

EIN# 45-3830307.   


Email the Executive Director or Assistant Director with a detailed description of the item(s), along with a picture, if available. We will be in touch if we feel your item(s) will be a good fit for the Museum.  Thank you for your consideration.

Executive Director:

805-933-0076 ext. 3

Assistant Director:

805-933-0076 ext. 1

Mailing Address:

Post Office Box 48

Santa Paula, CA 93061

Notice: By donating items, you relinquish all or limited rights of donated property to the Museum. The Museum reserves all rights to keep, store, lend, sell, or otherwise dispose of the donated material. The Museum cannot guarantee items will be displayed.



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The California Oil Museum Foundation

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EIN# 45-3830307  

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